Top 10 Vegan Keto recipes

Preparing a vegan Keto recipe is challenging itself because you will have to make sure that you correctly get the proportion for fats, protein and carbohydrates. That notwithstanding you would have to ensure that the ingredients is not only right for it but are Keto diet compliant. The challenge becomes even greater if you have to consider not only making a Keto meal but a Keto meal that is perfect for vegetarians.

Depending on how you take on challenges. You can however follow these Vegan Keto recipes that are provided below to create that perfect low-carb vegetarian meal that would not only make you healthy but might make you savour the smell and the taste that it brings.

For the 10 vegan keto recipes that appears here, some were adapted from another different meals with similar nutrients while others are original in their own right. Also note that the list is in no particular order. All are great meals.

  1. Keto Bread as a vegan Keto recipe

This vegan keto bread is not only made from almond which is a healthy product that occurs naturally but takes little time to complete, just a little above 40 minutes. This bread satisfies the standard of a Keto diet as almond contains monounsaturated fat and its carb content is less than two grams per slice compared to 15 grams of carb that a similar whole-wheat bread contains.

This meal is developed by the Dr Axe is a great one considering that Axe has years of experience working with good food. The Bread can be taken singly or with any other Keto dish.

  1. Spring Grilled Eggplant with Red pepper, Parsley and Mint

Kalyn Denny made this Vegan Keto recipe first in 2007 when she had an eggplant garden according to her. This recipe made a meal that is not only delicious but that contains no meat hitting the target for both a Keto diet and a vegan meal. Perfect.

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Although she adapted this meal from another source but this meal looks original that when you make it you would keep making it and like Kalyn you might even start an eggplant garden.

  1. Baba Ganoush as a choice in choosing vegan Keto recipe

Dr Axe again here adapts a Middle Eastern meal here into a form that falls nicely into the subset of the vegan keto recipe. This meal is made from eggplant instead of chickpea that is traditionally used as the main ingredient. It is also quick to prepare 30 minutes at most.

This meal can be used for a variety of purpose as an appetiser or in addition with a crunching vegetable or a healthy bread as a main meal. The goal here is to be creative. Eat it with whatever you feel you need to. However, ensure it is a healthy choice.

  1. Ultimate Keto Buns

This buns puts to shame the conventional buns that are made of those unhealthy ingredients. It is available to satisfy your cravings for buns if you missed it and feels the Keto lifestyle is boring.

This recipe is the perfect vegan keto recipe as it is not only tasty but takes about 31 minutes to prepare. If there is any news better than this I doubt. What is amazing about this meal is that the total carb content is just 1% if we don’t consider the fibres in it.

  1. Keto Blueberry Muffins

This Blueberry muffins recipe is the perfect vegan keto recipe that you can use to start your day. High in Monounsaturated fats which the major ingredient almond contains it is a great keto diet. Even complementary are the other ingredients that is used to bake the muffins.

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Depending on how much time you prepare the muffins, it normally ought not to exceed 45 minutes in its preparation. This quick preparation time makes it a good choice for breakfast when you have limited time on your hands/

  1. Vegan Alfredo

This Italian sauce sees an adaptation by Dr Axe. This meal is not only easy to prepare but takes just 15 minutes to make the sauce. You can decide on what to eat with the sauce whether is noodle (zucchini is a good choice) or a gluten-free pasta.

Cauliflower is the major vegetable in the sauce. It is a good sauce of vitamin c. Also in the meal is almond milk which have antioxidant properties meaning you have great healthy meal in a few minutes time.

  1. Fresh Bell Pepper Basil Pizza

Pizza is a legendary meal, most people if not everyone likes it. But when you are on a Keto diet and at the same time wants a vegetarian meal then it becomes a tough job to do. With thanks we appreciate the team at for taking time to develop that sumptuous meal. What is life without pizza?

Since it is a tough one, the team made use of cheese for that vegan keto recipe. If you consider cheese aversive to vegetarian life, sorry we like the pizza that way. Overall it tastes great, it’s good you try it.

  1. Keto Salad

This salad that originates from Nice, France sees a great adaptation that not only strips the potatoes and turnips out of it but adds a salty taste to it.

As a tip you can even prep the vegetables a day before for a faster assemblage.

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This adaption means that the meal is not only a vegan delight but also meets the requirement of the keto diet. Respect to the chefs at Diet Doctor. Most of all it is quick to set up.

  1. Mushroom Soup

Creamy soup is a scare for keto diet enthusiasts for it seems to be a collection of too much carbohydrates. The team at Wholesomeyum proved that the scare is unfounded and should be discarded as they not only made a delicious creamy soup but also with just seven ingredients and still adhere to the vegan keto rule. Big clap.

You can prepare it in just 30 minutes and it’s easy. You can also switch the creamy base to coconut cream to make it a truly keto diet. All these without worrying about its healthiness. Genius!

  1. Garlic Parmesan Fried Eggplant

This meal is truly keto and vegan in all form. Instead of those dangerous flours it uses almond flour which is packed with a lot of goodies.

Each servings contain a net carb content of 6 grams, and is satisfying.

This meal tends to take more time than the others here for you would have to spend 30 minutes waiting for the eggplant to sit in the salt without which it won’t have great taste.

Here you have it, 10 vegan keto recipes that are not only tasty but won’t leave a hole in your pocket. As Keto diets are, it is healthy and have great promises.


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