Is plantain good for weight loss? [Read this first]

Is plantain good for weight loss

Many people have always questioned the possibility of plantain being good diet for weight loss. Many have asked in times past: Is plantain good for weight loss? I will, in this write up, be guiding you and enlightening you on the question is plantain good for weight loss. I want to believe you will be able to get answer to this question: is plantain good for weight loss after you must have digested this piece. In this guide, we are going to travel to deeply examine the exact science of how weight loss in the body is achieved and the function of plantain in the body in weight loss. Some foods have been known to help in bringing about weight loss in the human body. Some food types play critical roles in the aspect of weight loss and fat gain.

Plantain is one of the foods you should consider in your goal to having weight loss in your body. Plantain not only provides the body with rich amount of supplements necessary for the growth and development of the body but also a potent source of losing weight. In your journey to weight loss, do not despise plantain. Go along with it and you will arrive at the place of weight loss. In knowing if plantain is good for weight loss, it is striking to point out here that unripe plantain helps in burning off fat in the lower tummy. Aside from helping you in weight loss, plantain also helps to ensure that your body does not have excess fat even after you have suspended your dieting plan. Unripe plantains have been known to burn calories in the human body. Despite having a level of content in carbs than other common veggies, such as broccoli and spinach, plantains accomplish an advantageous supplement to your diet. They contain a high level of fibre and serve as a good source of vitamins A and C, some amount of the B-vitamins and potassium. A 1/2-cup contains about 2 grams of fibre and meets more than 10 percent of the daily needed amount of potassium and vitamins A, B-6 and C for the human body.

Is plantain good for weight loss

As an antioxidant, vitamin C protects your body from accident by charge-free radicals, which may lower your chances of falling ill such as heart ache and cancer. Both vitamin A and B-6 in plantains are important for immune health system. Potassium-rich plantains may help in heart-healthy advantages by fostering in the improvement of the heart blood pressure by drastically reducing the amount of sodium in the body.

Plantains are a member of the banana family, but they are richer in starch and sugar than the regular bananas — 10 grams of sugar more in the 1/2 cup of sliced plantains vs. 18 grams in the same quantity of bananas. Due to the starch content, plantains aren’t eaten raw. While frying plantains will not affect your carb intake, there are better  means to take the popular vegetable in a bid to losing weight , such as boiling, baking or grilling. Brushed with olive oil and broiled until soft, plantains not only help you to lose weight but also serve as sweet and delicious combination with your broiled steak, craven or fish.

Plantains can fit in perfectly to most moderately low carb diets- like the typical 50-carb meal plan. At breakfast, you might take a good number of eggs with turkey bacon assortment that is made with 1/4 cup of plantains instead of potatoes for 12 grams of carbs. For lunch, take broiled broken chicken on 2 cups of freshly prepared spinach, 1/2 cup of  strawberries, seven chopped walnuts, red wine and olive oil. You can then finish the day with a supper / dinner by taking broiled salmon.


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The science of weight loss

It is very good to establish this fact that there is countless number of persons that, in a pursuit of weight loss, have done some things and taken some actions but are not seeing any tangible results. They have tried several strategies, yet to proof of weight loss in their bodies. They still remain as obese as they are before embarking on those actions. They have gotten nowhere in the journey to losing weight because they have gotten things all wrong from the beginning.  They seem not to get tangible results in their bid to shed off some weight because they are not getting it right. Several people have purchased countless number of guides and books on the subject of weight loss but ended up finding out that they are not losing an ounce of fat. They are not losing any weight.

While some have asked what could have gone wrong, many are yet to know the cost effective way of losing weight, and some do not know that plantains are good in bringing about weight loss. The truth is that most do not know about the science of weight loss. They do not know how weight loss occurs. If they do, they would have achieved the desired results in losing weight from the everyday plantain they eat. The truth in its simplicity is that every human being consciously or unconsciously burn excess fat in their bodies on a daily basis, whether they eat or they don’t. In as much as we are moving from one place to another, irrespective of how short the distance is, we are losing weight as the process of burning fat takes place in our bodies.


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Is plantain good for weight loss?

The plantain has been established as a good means to lose weight fat in the human body. If your fat and want to burn off your excess fat, stay healthy at all time and loose some tangible amount of weight, then you need to start considering making plantain as part of your daily diet. Is plantain good for weight loss? The answer is simply an emphatic YES! How then is plantain good for weight loss? How is plantain good for weight loss? We shall be looking at the role of plantain in reducing weight.

When the level of your insulin in your body is under check, and you’ve done all that is necessary in lowering it for the purpose of fat burning, the eating of plantain then plays a major role in weight loss in two important ways.

Firstly, when you consume a lot of plantain, aside from the fact that it helps in keeping you healthy, it also makes you full. It has also been proven to reduce the sugar levels in your body and also makes you less hungry. The reduction of the sugar levels in your body results to the release of insulin, which creates a good environment for the process of fat and weight loss to take place. Additionally, plantains contain a good measure of varied micronutrients that assist the body in its immune system and keep the human body not just excess fat-free but also to maintain a healthy body.

Secondly, eating lot of plantains means that you have lesser amount of carbohydrates and starch in your body that helps in triggering the release of insulin that consequently assist in making your body alkaline and more suitable for weight loss to take place.


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Is plantain good for weight loss? Now you convincingly know that plantain, aside from its great health benefits, will serve the purpose of weight loss to those who are in the pursuit of losing weight fast. No need looking further to other sources that will not work for you. Why go through the long route when you can easily achieve your goal with tangible results with the consumption of plantain. If you want a fast track to losing weight, then plantain is the way to go. You’ve got to include it in your daily meal plan and diet and see how things with change for the better in your bid to losing weight.  


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