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Optimal Ketogenic living

Ketogenic diet is a diet that got people excited about it because it is a healthy diet and that it is a good option for losing weight. It is no news that the reason most people live the Keto lifestyle is primarily because they want a trimmer body, the healthy benefits comes as secondary.

If you are wondering how you can lose weight with Ketogenic diet, this article is for you. Here we would highlight steps that you have to take, best practices and pitfall to avoid in order to get those excess fats out of your body.

It is frustrating that you would start something with a goal in mind, only to discover that you barely have the requisite knowledge to forge on.


Until few years ago, the gospel of losing weight was – eat low-fats food, exercise and watch your calories level and you would lose weight.

This seems to make sense in a way because people get fat because they have more than enough fats in their body. However, over the years this has not being the case as people get obese more instead now that the emphasis is on low-fats diet.

It took Robert C. Atkins, a cardiologist, whose popular book become a bestseller to convince people that low-fats is not the solution but high-fats diet.

Although this sound counterintuitive that high-fats diet will lead to a weight loss when fats is what one is shedding, it is actually based on science and it is based on a research which was done in the 1920s at the John Hopkins Hospital. It was a treatment to treat epileptic patient.

The treatment was developed when epileptic patients went without food for some time and their health condition improved. Consequently, the researchers isolated carbohydrates from the patients diet and came to the condition that low-carbs is beneficial for the health of the patients. But since carbohydrates give energy another energy source would be necessary.

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Fats is the favourite energy source for the body after glucose (the simplest form of carbohydrates). When the carb content is low the body turns to fats for energy, burning the fats and same time getting energy from it.

Steps to Lose Weight on Ketogenic diet.

  1. Prepare yourself.

Keto diet is a diet that requires discipline and shrewdness. Discipline because you might want to go back to the diet that you were formerly on. Shrewdness for most of the ingredients that you would need on a Keto diet tend to be precious and expensive, only a good bargaining skill would save you from spending expensively on foodstuff.

Keto diet requires that you abstain from some certain stuff. This should be part of your lifestyle. Knowing that you need to be patient is also worth knowing.

  1. Know your Health Condition

Your health condition should be a factor to your losing weight through the Keto dieting system. For instance, a diabetic patient would need medical advice before starting the Keto diet style because a low-carb diet reduces the level of insulin in the body. That would be good considering that the blood-sugar level would reduce but balanced insulin level is necessary for the diabetic treatment.

Diagnosing yourself as to whether you need to start the Keto diet or later is important.

  1. Eat Keto-approved food

Your diet should be Keto approved diet. The food stuff should have at least 65% fat content, the carb content should be very low while the protein should be moderate. High quality polyunsaturated fats should be used for cooking. Meat should be from livestock that is grass-fed.

Avoid processed food substances particularly white flour, margarine etc.

  1. Lead a healthy lifestyle

Keto is not just a diet but a lifestyle. Some unhealthy practices could lead to you reversing gain that you would have accumulated. Alcohol for instance has twice the calorie content of carbohydrates. While carbs have to be digested, alcohol are not they go straight to the liver. This have the potential of not only countering your weight loss but add more weight to your body.

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Smoking also have a resultant effect on our body. The best solution is to avoid any health-damaging lifestyle.

  1. Eat Moderately

It is important that what you eat is balanced in a way that it does not be that you either eat more than you need or that what you eat is not enough for you. What you need is moderation. Measure what you need in relation to your Body-Mass index (BMI). This way you would not eat more than necessary.

  1. Drink Enough Water

Water is very important to flush out toxics out of the body system. It is important that you take clean water that you are sure of its source before drinking.

  1. Keep Watching Your Height

It is important that you keep checking your BMI so you would fashion your weight loss program accordingly. It is also important that you seek medical attention from time to time. That way your health and weight would be on the right track.

What to watch out for.

  • Ketosis Flu

This happens when you get into a state that you feel tired, dizzy and unable to do stuff that you want to do. This also comes with effects like bad breath, being moody and irritable. This effects usually last for about 1-2 weeks. If you notice these symptoms it is normal although not everyone would feel it.

If however after two weeks the issue persists, then you ought to seek medical assistance.

You can also minimise the effect by switching slowly to Keto. Your body would then be able to adjust properly to this change.

  • Deprived Sleep

Your sleep matters a lot to your body, without which your body would not function properly. The natural clock or circadian rhythm is important to your health that a deviation would throw your body out of balance.

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With enough sleep you would be able to achieve your health goal. If you deprive yourself of sleep, sooner or later your body would ask for it. When it does, it is usually in a gruesome way. You would not want that. Give yourself 7-9 hours of sleep daily.

  • Carbohydrates

The goal of the keto diet is to reduce the amount of glucose in the body and make the body choose a different source of energy. However, there is danger when you choose to eliminate carbs completely from your diet completely as some organs particularly like to use glucose for energy. Although, the body converts protein to glucose that is when the protein is in excess and the process is slower than the natural way.

The other danger with carbs is when you don’t take note of carb that you are taking. For instance, many fruits except fatty ones like avocado have a high amount of sugar inside them. Most starchy vegetables also have carb in them. Take note of these hidden carb content that you don’t surpass your daily carb threshold.

  • Extreme Workout

Exercise is usually touted as a part of weight loss program, however too much of it make you crave for food. This increases your calorie intake and end up adding to your weight. Thus, a harmless method for losing weight has turned where you rather gained more weight.

These are the tips on how to lose weight on a Ketogenic diet. If you follow these steps you would not only be on your way to losing weight and being in good shape but also be in good health

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