Getting Started with Keto: A good recipe list

Keto is not just a diet but a lifestyle and requires some attitude change. A good recipe list ought to be handy. This article would link to some good recipes but before then we would consider what food items is allowed in the Keto diet.

There have been a lot of attention around Keto diet lately and one would wonder if the diet is worth all the hype it is getting or it is just a fad that would soon join the relics of history.

The truth is that Keto diet is not a new diet. Children that were on Keto diet when it was developed are now senior citizens. For a diet to survive 80 years in this age is a great feat, not mentioning that the diet originated from the hospital under the nose of learned researchers.


All times

Healthy Fats


  • Cage-free eggs
  • Grass-fed Livestock Meat
  • Poultry
  • Animal organs e.g. liver and heart.
  • Wild-caught fish


  • Leafy vegetables
  • Cruciferous vegetables
  • Celery, cucumber, zucchini, chives, leek etc.
  • Herbs

Occasional keto meals

  • Fruits like berry
  • Full-fats dairy
  • Legumes and beans
  • Natural Vegetable and fruit juice
  • Nuts and Seeds.

These are the recommended food items that ought to be in a good recipe list.

  1. Espresso Peanut Butter Mousse

This Keto meal can be made within minutes and it have a generous amount of fat with a carb content of 4.1 grams.

  1. Cajun  chicken stuffed with avocado

This healthy main dish is delicious and have a very low carb content – the fibre is more than the net carb. It is a delight especially when you have run out of time because you can make it in matter of minutes.

  1. Grain-free Pork Schnitzel

This Schnitzel uses almond flour instead of breadcrumbs to make the meal a truly Keto meal packed with plenty of benefits.

  1. Prosciutto Wrapped Mozzarella

DJ Foodie did a good job by making this appetizer easy and quick to make that you would not even think of cooking because it’s made that way.

  1. Spaghetti Squash With Bacon And Parmesan
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This low-carb delicious meal would make you savour, asking for more for you can never get enough.

  1. Keto Chinese Pork with Brussels Sprout

Ordinarily, Asian foods are known for being high-carb. However, this meal puts that claim to shame by having a carb content of just seven grams. You would not want to miss this oriental meal that saw a keto adaptation.

  1. Slow Cooker Chilli with Cauliflower Rice

This South Asia meal is spicy and delicious that would make you cry if you don’t have the tolerance for a hot meal. Instead of using rice it uses cauliflower, which contains a lot of antioxidants. It is a perfect meal for a cold day.

  1. Sautéed Brussels Sprout with Pancetta

This meal combine fresh herbs in fried fat with Italian goodness to give you a perfect meal. Brussels sprout has detoxification substances that would keep your body system clean. This benefit and many more you will get from this simple meal that take just 30 minutes to prepare.

  1. Grilled Steak with Tomato, Red Onion and Balsamic

Enjoy grilled steak that comes with plenty of antioxidants in form of tomatoes, red onion and balsamic. This meal is very easy and quick to make that in 30 minutes you should have started devouring it.

  1. Roasted Pork Belly Bites with Braised Cabbage

This meal is sexy for those evenings when you need to relax and get some comfort from nature. Make this dish be your companion and your evenings would be forever sensational.

  1. Easy Paleo Green Chilli Turkey Burger

Who doesn’t like burgers? Definitely not you. This hot-flavoured burger from Elana’s Pantry is what you want. The meal could be ready in less than 10 minutes except you decide to spend longer.

  1. Butter Lettuce Wrapped Shrimp Tacos

Mexican award winning taco gets wrapped in buttered lettuce and it promises a great taste. You would not want to miss this. Honestly!

  1. Keto Garlic Spinach Sauté
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This dish goes with any meal you cherish. With garlic, spinach gets ignited and the meal is what you would like.

  1. Bacon Coleslaw Stir-fry

Healthy bacon meets coleslaw and the result is goodness.

  1. Thanksgiving Turkey Ramen with Zoodles

Thanksgiving gets healthier as you would enjoy turkey in a keto setting. This meal instead of the mainstream flour noodles, uses a combo of turkey stock and zucchini. You would like it if you try it not only on Thanksgiving Day.

  1. Keto Bread

When you started the Keto diet, you would have imagined how you would miss many delicious dishes. Don’t fret. We’ve got you covered. This almond flour bread is packed with a lot of goodies and yet is healthy. Anytime you miss good ‘ol bread, remember that there is a Keto alternative.

  1. Keto Peanut Butter Cookies

Made of only three ingredients, the sugar substitute is a faux nutrient, this keto cookies is the answer that kids need if they ask for cookies. Ensure that the substituted sugar is ideal for keto diets.

  1. Banging Coconut-Lime Skirt Steak

This marinated steak in coconut oil-lime marinade is a steak that after eating you would never forget.

  1. Homemade Mayonnaise

This homemade mayonnaise is the solution to the unhealthy mayonnaise that is marketed in markets and shops. After making it, preserve it well for future use.

  1. Keto Salmon and Creamy Turmeric Veggies

Quick nourishing meal of Salmon that you would not just get enough of. Try it and you would not forget its taste.

  1. Keto Chicken Sausage Masala

Keto adaptation of the famous chicken masala is meal you would not want to mix. It takes an average of 30 minutes to prepare it.

  1. Vegan Keto Porridge

This porridge made from coconut flour and is not only a keto diet but perfect for veggies.

  1. Thai BBQ Pork Salad

A combination of Western style pork salad and Thai barbeque sauce. It’s an example of when two cultures meet.

  1. AvocadoDeviled Eggs
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This keto-friendly diet uses avocado for cream instead of the unhealthy mayonnaise sold in stores.

  1. Chicken Pad Thai

The popular Thai stir-fry cuisine becomes keto friendly in this adaptation. You would never eat the original version after tasting this one.

  1. Fathead Nachos

This meal is a stroke of genius as it turns the legendary northern Mexican meal into a low-carb delicacy. It takes an average of 30 minutes to prepare it.

  1. Jalapeño Cheddar Burgers

Do you miss burger? No way! Try this meal and see why the keto lifestyle is fantastic.

  1. Keto LimeCreamsicles

Popsicles that finally meet the keto lifestyle. It is healthy and nutritious.

  1. Keto Spinach and Artichoke Chicken

Juicy chicken that makes your taste bud love you. It is made of cream and takes a meagre 40 minutes to prepare.

  1. Keto Grilled Chicken and Spinach Pizza

There is no way this list will get up to 30 without the exceptional pizza. If you ever wonder whether pizza is keto-supported, here is your chance.

  1. Thai Beef Satay

This Southeast Asian meal with different variation gets one variation varied into a keto version.

  1. The Ultimate Keto Buns

Mypcops Kitchen made sure that you have a buns that meets the keto-approved foods. In just 31 minutes you would get a great delicious buns that you and your family will love.

  1. Cauliflower Jollof Rice

Traditionally made of rice, this West African cuisine gets converted into a keto diet with cauliflower used instead of rice.

These 33 keto meals are among the best Keto meal out there. There is no better way to cook than when you follow a guide. Even if the taste doesn’t taste great the first time, try again. Remember there is always a first time.

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