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Davido vs Wizkid – 8 Strong Reasons Why We Think Davido Is Better Than Wizkid (Photo Proofs)

Hi Guys,

This is another “Davido vs Wizkid” post  We know some of you will like this and some won’t, but all the same, we’re doing our Job 

Lets get down to business. No long story!

The ‘war’ between the two kings Davido and Wizkid would probably last till the end of their careers.

The competition between both acts has divided the pop music base in Nigeria with half repping The Baddest, and the other half holding it down for Wizzy.

Today, to mark the Baddest Instagram 5 Millions follower milestone we are giving 8 reasons why we think he’s better than Wizkid.

1. Davido Obviously Has More Money

When it comes to the money war, Davido is holds the bigger gun. Being the son of a multi-millionaire makes him a very rich individual based off his future inheritance.

Before the release of his first album, he moved into a mansion. Wizkid rented a house in Lekki after considerable success after his first album was released.

Davido’s money count is just too much for Wizzy to match. Let’s not forget that Davido is making good money off music too.