Top 10 things women desperately want from men in a relationship


Women are people just like men. When people open up heart-to-heart or talk to each other clearly and directly without hidden feelings and thoughts, they understand one another.

The old saying that “men are from Mars” and “women are from Venus” is imaginary. Women are from planet Earth just like men. ‚Äč

Men make a fuss about not understanding women because they try to read “signs” or look for “hints” believing women are different. And they end up with wrong stereotypes and perceptions of women.

To avoid wrongly brushing with women, men should adopt listening ears. It’s easy to understand what women want when you listen to them. The ‘signs’ and ‘hints’ you’re looking for, are leading you into self-delusion.

Women want all this stuff below…


It’s every woman’s dream, to be loved and cared for. Women yearn to feel beautiful and desired. Every woman, regardless of her score on the beauty scale, wakes up each day, hoping to draw a man’s attention. They are wired to feel listened to, watched and their emotional state attended to.


When the tornadoes surge at her, a woman expects your physical and mental presence. She looks up to you and counts on you to be around until the storms in her life break off. A woman will always hope you’ll be her strong financial, emotional and mental pillar, she will always lean on.