6 Reasons Why Women Cheat

When a woman feels dissatisfied in her relationship she may not just complain to her friends over Cosmopolitans. She may get a secret email account, post a profile at LonelyCheatingWives.com and start looking for hookups. Why does she do it? When a woman cheats, it’s often for one or more of these 6 reasons…

Accurate stats on women’s infidelity are hard to come by. But that doesn’t mean these hookups and extracurricular relationships don’t happen, of course.

“Affairs are not uncommon,” says clinical psychologist Nancy O’Reilly (aka Dr. Nancy). “Women tend to keep these things to themselves, but there are signs that they’re catching up with the guys.”

It’s guesstimated that 14% to 40% of married women have intimately tangoed with someone other than their husband.

Reason Women Cheat #1: Familiarity Has Bred Indifference
The most common justification for infidelity that Dr. Nancy hears from women is that they feel taken for granted.

You and your husband discuss what the kids did in school and which bills need to be paid, when the car needs an oil change and whether you should paint the house.

But you haven’t really talked in a while.

You know, about all those hopes and dreams that you spent hours discussing as you lay in each other’s arms … before you had kids, car payments and a mortgage.

When a woman feels like little more than a household drudge, attention from someone else becomes extremely seductive.

“If there’s a failure to communicate – which is so reinforcing to women in terms of intimacy, emotional satisfaction and relationship satisfaction – then women look outside the relationship for that kind of connection,” says family and marriage therapist Terri Orbuch, host of Detroit’s Love Doctor TV and radio programs.

“This is the most important reason women cheat. When you’re unhappy or dissatisfied in your relationship, you’re more likely to be tempted to look elsewhere.”

And, she adds, you begin to perceive “opportunities” – like Mr. Eager-To-Fill-the-Proverbial Void – very differently.