The 10 myths about your vagina that could be harming you

Dr Jen Gunter, a prominent critic of Gwyneth Paltrow’s controversial Goop website, hit out at men who complain about the natural smell of their partner’s genitals in October.

The Canadian gynecologist described it as a ‘form of abuse’ writing in her blog newsletter.

She revealed she once dumped a boyfriend for complaining about the smell of her genitals.

Dr Gunter urged women not to feel ashamed and feel they have to resort to buying harmful products that create artificial odours.

She said they upset the vagina’s natural pH balance and leave you at a greater risk of infections like gonorrhoea and even HIV.

Myth 1: You do not need to use feminine hygiene products

The likes of perfumed douches, washes and wipes are not necessary and can be damaging to the vagina, according to Dr Dweck.

Indeed, that vaginas are inherently dirty is the number one fallacy in her view.

‘I hope that in my lifetime we can really break the myth that the vagina is a gross place,’ she said.

She says it’s a belief that the makers of feminine hygiene products have exploited – when the vagina is in fact self cleaning.

Such products can upset the natural balance of your microbes down there and can  cause irritation and itching. They also raise the chances of a yeast and bacterial infections.

Dr Dweck says good old-fashioned mild soap and warm water is enough to keep the vagina clean.